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Reviewed in India on 5 August 2020
Average phone. Good for price. Camera sensor is very poor quality. If you take large 48 MP picture, you can see the dead pixels in the zoomed photo. They glitter like stars. Even if you cover the camera and take photo, these pixels come out white colours.
Other than that, everything seems nice. I used a program to uninstall all the crap Xiaomi bloatware from my phone, (like mipay, cleaner, micommunity, etc).
As a result I don't see any ads.
I play asphalt 9, game runs smoothly in playable fps.
Processor Helio G85 is same as G80, nothing extra.
Mi UI is crap. My last phone was Mi A1, which had stock android. Can't understand why Xiaomi, oppo, etc spend money in developing these crappy skins. Stock android is best.

Final thoughts: Good phone to use for 1 year, 2 at most. Price could have been 1k less.
Looking forward to buy pixel 4a next year when price comes down.
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