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Reviewed in India on 30 June 2020
These sneakers are super good and are very much authentic. In order to be sure about the authenticity, I had an elaborate chat through official Converse website with a customer care expert who was answering my questions from the U.S. As per his responses, these pair of shoes that I ordered from Amazon meets all requirements of a pair being authentic and not a duplicate or a knock-off. You may check following things to make sure that any Converse that you get are authentic or not.

1. Authentic Converse shoes are manufactured in any of these four countries - Vietnam, China, India and Indonesia. If the pair you bought is manufactured anywhere else, it is likely to be a knock-off. Vietnam is the most likely location for a genuine Converse to be manufactured for Indian markets.

2. In a given pair, both shoes (your left and right shoe) should have a DIFFERENT code on the label that is stitched on the inner side of the shoe tongue. They will be similar .. but NOT THE SAME. with a difference in a few numbers here and there. This provides unique identification to each shoe or each leg - left or right. If the pair that you have bought shows EXACTLY the same code in both legs, then it is likely that it is a duplicate one. This code will be of around 12 - 14 digits.

3. Each Converse product will also have an assigned style code with about 6 digits and one or two alphabets at the end For example 150767C. This code will be printed on the shoe, on the inner side of the tongue as well as the box. Absence of this code means the product is not authentic.

4. The box of an authentic Converse shoe will have numerous logos of "all star" "chuck taylor" "Cons" etc. printed on the inner walls of the box.

5. The logo of Converse printed anywhere on the shoe DOES NOT have a star anymore inside the letter O. So please do not judge the authenticity ONLY by not seeing a star. Company has stopped putting a star in the word Converse since 2018.

I hope this helps you to identify a genuine Converse pair from a fake one.

Another tip for buyers in India. While placing the order, select the seller "Cloudtail India" only to ensure that you get a genuine product...since this seller is the most reliable associate of Amazon India. I am saying this after purchasing several Converse pairs from Cloudtail..and a few from other private sellers.. and the difference was very evident.
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