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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 3 January 2021
Product looks good and compact but does not feel sturdy enough. It was easy to expand and fold using both hands on the rod. However, when pulled with one hand from one side, it does not come out evenly and one edge sort or drags behind the other.

Size at 2 feet across is ideal for a corner install and small clothes. It is not for holding a full laundry load. When put in contact with a magnet, it does not stick but does attract the magnet. This sort of indicates that it may not be fully rust proof but still it is good quality stainless steel. Real test will be after the monsoons and I plan to update the review after that.

I have used it for light clothes like hand towels and it serves the purpose. For heavier clothes like jeans, I am not sure if it will hold for long enough. All in all, a good buy for now.
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