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Reviewed in India on 15 August 2020
ABOUT THE PRODUCT - If you already have an hair straightener then following things will help you think twice before making a purchase. There are certain things which are NOT MENTIONED/ MENTIONED in the advertisements or in the description which I thought of highlighting.

1. It says that you get "natural straight like hair" in 5 mins. Wherein in reality it takes just as much time as with the hair straightener. Because in the ad they show/ask to straighten like a comb wherein the user manual suggests that you take hair in sections and straighten them - user manual is absolutely correct. And because of which it takes more than 5 mins to do.
2. It asks you to detangle hair with the help of comb before you use the product but even after detangling your locks - this comb straightener pulls off a lot of hair. So be ready for HAIR LOSS/HAIR BREAKAGE. Which is just like in case of a normal straightener as well.
3. It asks your to keep the product "3 cms" AWAY FROM HAIR ROOTS/BABY HAIR - So you will not be able to straighten your baby hair which is a task when using this product because the product is not sleek width wise like a normal hair straightener machine so it is impossible to any which ways go closer to the roots be it 3cms distance or so. With hair straightener you will easily be able to straighten your baby hair because they do not have much width.
4. The user manual says you have to comb hair OUTWARDS which is bristles NOT facing you - which is correct otherwise you will burn your skin and ear area. Please be careful there.
5. For HAIR TYPE THIN - TEMPERATURE SETTING - 170 degree C and for THICK HAIR TYPE - 200 degree C is mentioned.
6. Allow your hair to cool for 2-3 Secs after heat combing it. Also they suggest to start combing from top of the hair which is hair root coming downwards in SINGLE STROKE
To hair ends and turn brush inwards to give soft, natural flicks to the end of the hair.
7. Repeat 2-4 times till the time you achieve your desired natural straight hair.
8. To TURN OFF the appliance, slide the switch in product from 2-1 to 0 and then switch off from main switch.
9. For long lasting results - use hair spray but still it does not stay for more than 10 hours (if not washed, not sweating) unlike hair straightener which gives you results till 2-3 days if hair not washed, not sweating.
10. Keep out of reach of children, unplug and pack it when not in use and also while using or cooling the comb DO NOT TOUCH THE BRISTLES as they are hot.
11. DO NOT WASH the bristles under running water. Simply clean with cloth.
12. Also forgot - INDICATORS keep blinking till the time machine is getting hot. After that it's ready for use (will stop blinking).
13. It does give you NATURAL STRAIGHT HAIR and not pointed/poker straight hair. Which is good.
14. It is exactly as shown in the pictures - purple + black buy user manual says that purple / black colour coating may come off at longer period but does not hamper the results of the product.
15. It is slightly heavy weight as compared to the hair straighteners but not that's heavy either.
16. The SHINE/LUSTRE of hair post straightening is also natural shine but much better results with hair straightener than this machine. And even better shine when get it done from beauty salons which give you poker straight hair.

**Honestly - PHILIPS HAIR STRAIGHTENER WITH KERATINE IS BETTER than investing in this. As it does give you results for 2-3 days long, can go closer to hair roots compared to this machine. So better to invest in straightener than this. This machine may take little less time to straighten hair but not long lasting.

AVAILABILITY - Was available at an offer when ordered.

PRICE - Its almost same like straightener. So decent enough.

SELLER - Sold by "Cloudtail" - with proper packaging.

DELIVERY - As expected, on time.
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