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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 8 July 2021
I have really oily skin, and for years I haven't used any kind of cream or ointment on my face because of fears that my acne problem will go even worse if I apply some cream that blocks my pores.
Given that, I was sceptical of this Neutrogena too, but decided to buy after going through its description and all.
I assure you, and infact as the company itself claims : it's "non-comedogenic", i.e. it doesn't block your pores at all.

Just make sure your face is not already sweaty and oily before applying it. So wash your face nicely with some water before.

Neutrogena has a super light feeling, absorbs into skin, and infact skin looks healthy and shiny.
And most importantly, it does its job perfectly - saves you from the blazes of sun.

UPDATE : I've been using this for a while now, and at first I was impressed. But this is not for everyday use, it'll give you acne, and worse, kinda makes your skin texture rough. It's good only, say, for a couple of times a week, or even less if you ask me now.

Reduced the rating from 4 to 3 for not being good for skin in long term with regular use.
I'm still retaining 3 stars because it does its job well : it protects from the sun and tan.
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