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Reviewed in India on 18 July 2021
Ordered 2 from Cl0udtail for Rs 318, the chocolate was completely disfigured upon delivery. Better order from local stores and pay the full price, especially in summertime, because this one has a lower melting point than regular silk.

Flavourwise, it feels a lot similar to hershey's cocoa powder (which means a basic sweet cocoa flavour without any exotic honey/fruity notes found in expensive callebaut/lindt). Unlike bournville, burnt/tobacco like aroma is absent here, a welcome relief. Signature caramel, vanilla and milk flavours of regular cdm silk are mostly pushed to the background.

This is supposed to have a very creamy texture due to higher fat content, but in my case it has been ruined due to melting in transit. Now it feels gritty, such a shame!

Edit: It appears that cadbury has reduced the cocoa butter content and increased sweetness to save cost, much like competitor Amul. I remember it being a lot more creamier when it was launched (2-3 years back). Its not just a matter of improper storage/transport, I can taste much less fat in my mouth when the chocolate is molten state. Do not blindly believe the nutritional info, use your senses, they are very hard to fool. The quality has fallen, that's for sure. I can't recommend this product anymore.
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