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Reviewed in India on 9 May 2019
Indian middle class specially our moms have miraculously survived multiple falls cleaning fans, attics while standing on wooden stools, chairs and chairs/stools placed over bed. This has to end as our parents are getting old and risk of injury far surpasses any debate over pros/cons of this ladder (something is better than nothing right). Still listing them for your benefit:

1. Available online
2. Lightweight yet stable (my parents and maid can easily carry this around)
3. The height of 5 step ladder is sufficient to clean attic/ fans/ exhausts/ cob webs etc. (in modern day apartment)
4. Though it has a plastic base mine has lasted for close to two years now without giving any trouble
5. Easy to clean with cloth (for moms obsessed with cleaning the ladder used for cleaning)
6. Even if it develops scratches they wont look bad

1. Costly if you don't buy it during deal (gift one to your parents now and buy one for yourself during deal/ discount)
2. Not delivered to small town locations (you will find another option from different brand online which is)

There are reviews which state that quality of this brand has degraded over time. This is my first ladder so can't compare however this product has met my requirements perfectly.
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