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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 4 April 2022
1. The touchpad just won't work. I keep pressing on a key while typing and it doesn't show up on the screen. I keep pressing icons but they don't work. At first, I thought I was taking time adjusting to the keypad, but it has been a month and the issue has only worsened. Touch-typing is so bad on this phone that I cannot depend on it for important or urgent conversations over work-related email or personal conversations and end up with mistyped messages.
2. The phone does not receive a signal. People keep calling me only to hear that it is switched off when it is in fact, up and running. I have missed out on important calls for weeks and never knew about it.
3. The camera is the worst. The colors are all wrong: orange flowers will show as yellow. If someone uses this phone for business to sell products where colors matter, their business will shut down. If I zoom just a bit, the image is extremely grainy and looks like one taken in an 8mp camera under extremely low light.
4. The fast charge takes forever to charge. I cannot depend on it to charge up fast in case of urgency.
5. The default system language is Hindi which does not show an option for changing.
6. Default keyboard is Samsung and I cannot install Google Keyboard.

Restarting the phone multiple times has not worked for any of the above-mentioend problems.
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