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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 10 February 2021
I like this product a lot, I got it with a broken door. Its ok, sometimes things happen in delivery. But the problem is there is not support from Nilkamal for replacing the door. They say talk to Amazon. I asked them about the warranty, they say yes there is a warranty of 12 months. So I asked them to support my request and just replace the broken door instead of me disassembling the whole product, packing it and returning it to amazon. (I threw away the packing after my first call to Nilkaml where they said I will get the resolution in 48 hours) It has been 16 day now, several phone calls to their customer support number and several email conversation. I love Nilkamal products and have been using them since childhood, but the support is truly a spot on their reputation in my mind.
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