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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 12 September 2020
This not reagrading the product per se, but about the new trick up the sleeves of the delivery agents.

The delivery agent will ring you up on the mobile, but he will make sure that it will ring only once and will terminate the call.
In case if you missed the call and could not return the call immediately, then the delivery agent will mark that the buyer has rejected the consignment.

This happened with this delivery too. There was a short ring and the call cut even before I could accept the call.

Since I was at the receving end of this trick earlier, this time around I managed to get hold of the delivery agent over the mobile.

This low value item was clubbed with two other products in an order amounting to Rs1500/-, of which the other products are slated for delivery on a later date.

Why this is being explained in detail is beacuse they conveniently use this trick. The SMS notification from Amazon sometimes does not have the contact number and the PIN to contact the delivery agent, and the buyer is left in a limbo.

Uncertainty regarding the delivery will only discourage the buyers.

Moreover the feed back for delivery dies not have provision for the typing in comments.

Hence there is no way to communicate the grivences.
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