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Reviewed in India on 23 February 2021
I was a regular user of Fem liquid soaps. But around a year back, it looks like Fem changed its formula. And ever since, it became impossible to wash off the fem soap from your hands, no matter how many times you scrub your hands, or how much water you waste. Cos when you think the soap has gone from your hands, if you rub your wet hands together, the white soap bubbles would still be there.

So I changed to Dettol. I ordered their regular liquid soap, and their strawberry flavour. Same issue in that as well. Now that all my stock was over, I wanted to try out Lifebuoy, expecting the same issue to be in that as well. But to my pleasant surprise, this finally washes off my hands fully, and leave no soap remaining in my hands. Such a relief.

Note to Lifebuoy: I hope you read this review, and dont change your formula, and make it worse like how Fem did.
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