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Reviewed in India on 2 March 2020
I have been researching about getting a nice TWS buds for my everyday use.
My priorities were like this -

1. Balanced Sound with a nice blend of Bass, Treble and Mids.(I'm an audiophile but was ready to compromise cuz budget :P)
2. Type C Charging - I use a Oneplus 6T so it is much convenient to manage things with one charger.
3. Decent battery backup.
4. Shoudn't feel bulky in the ears.

And then I got these buds, and here goes my feedback -

1. First Impression - They look great, love the red and black color tone.
2. Fits well in the ears without feeling bulky.
3. Not super satisfied with the audio quality, felt it was too Bass heavy(Found a fix with Equaliser settings).
4. There's no volume control option from the buds, but you can do it from your phone without much effort(Ain't it?).

Fix to adjust bass if you're on a Oneplus Device -

1. Fortunately Oneplus provides Audio Tuner to adjust EQ at OS level.
2. Open the Audio Tuner and go to Sound Enhancement.
3. Select Feat. JBL E1+
4. Open Preset options
5. Select Blues and Voila!! 🎯

For other phones -

I'm not sure about other devices as I haven't tested on them, but here are a couple of things I used to do on my previous phones to adjust sound settings. As most phones or music player apps provide equaliser settings, you can select presets like 'Vocal/Jazz/Blues/Pop' which tend to compress Bass and enhance Mids and Treble.

Also, after reading a couple of reviews of other TWS buds, I considered changing the ear tips to smaller ones and surprisingly it boosted the experience. However, it mostly depends on the size of your ears so might not work for everyone.

Do let me know if you need any further information about this, happy to help! 🙂

Happy Listening! 🎶
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