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Reviewed in India on 30 June 2020
Boat is an Indian Company but all the products of this company are Made in China so it is not making the products itself. They are just buying Chinese products and selling it by their name.

I have extensively used these buds for a month while doing workout and watching movies and listening music and below is my detailed review of the Earbuds.

1. Great Sound Quality
2. Great Bass
3. Great Battery Life
4. Fast Charging

1. It doesn't fit properly in ears. It is just not me, 3 more friends of mine are facing the same issue. It doesn't fit properly specially in the right ear. Also, your right ear starts paining after sometime if you push it or try to fit it properly by rotating it in your ear.
2. So, if the right bud doesn't fit properly so obviously you don't feel good sound quality from your right ear bud. Sometimes I felt that their is some problem with the Right earbud sound quality but then I realised that it is because of the fitting issue.
3. Earbuds slips out of your ear when you wear it while working out due to sweat. It gets slipped when it gets wet due to sweat. Even when the earbuds are fitted properly they will fall out when they get wet.
4. The company says that as soon as you open the charging box of the buds both buds gets paired between each other automatically but sometimes both doesn't gets paired between each other and only left or the right one gets paired to the phone or the laptop. Then you have to wait for sometime for the other to get paired.
5. The range of the Bluetooth is not that great. Sometimes even you are in the range or at the boundary level within the range one of the buds will stop working and you will hear sound from only one bud. Most of the times it is Right.
6. Sometimes one of the earbud stops working without any reason and the battery status of both the buds are different which is very weird.
7. My right Earbud stopped working after a month. So I have to find a Service Centre which are not everywhere and not very good.
8. Last but certainly not the least, their after sales service is horrible. Their customer care doesn't respond to calls, emails, Twitter or anything. It is a pain to reach out to them. They behave like a roadside local shop.

So all in all it is a good pair of earbuds but Rs.2500/- is too much for these earbuds. So I would not suggest to buy this pair of Earbuds at this price.
You can buy Noise Shots or Noise Shots XO and those are much better and you will enjoy the experience with them.
boAt is Horrible and ridiculous.
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