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Reviewed in India on 15 May 2021
I'm not going to mention about pro's much since everybody else will do it anyways. Will talk about the cons and major flaws in the phone. (I'm sure most of it applies to Note 10 Pro Max as well.)

Honestly, this phone is a big let down. Don't let the big specifications on the out side fool you.
Camera: Is okay. Nothing big as hyped. Installed GCam since I've been using it on my previous phone as well and it produces better pictures. But there is some serious problems with that as well. Because the viewfinder is so saturated, the GCam photos look dull in comparison.

Battery: Battery life is ok. Lasts me a day and that's all I want. Charger though is really fast and a plus point for including it in the box.

Sensors: Honestly, there are no sensors on the front and only a camera. While on call it probably uses the front camera to know whether we have held it ahainst our ears or not. That means if you're in a dark place then your screen wont light up even if you take it away from your ears. If the other person wants some info which you may have on your Note app or whatever, then you have to cut the call and then callback. Also, even in day time it is very bad. A lot of times the screen lights up even when held against the ear. This is one of most annoying thing about this phone.

Heat: I thought since it's not a high-end SoC it won't heat that much, but, I was very wrong. Warms up on normal to medium usage and heats up on playing even a little demanding game. Can't imagine playing something like PUBG and stuff. Esp. since people like to play with their chargers plugged. (Bad idea!)

SIM: I've had a lot of calls just not able to hear me. Sometimes in the middle of the call or right from the start. Didn't happen on my old phone so I will hold this phone as the culprit.

WiFi: WiFi signals are just bad on this one. I used to get 3/4 before in my room, now with this phone it drops to 2/4 and even 1/4 occasionally. If you go a little away then your signal just drops.

I've also faced disconnection issues which happens frequently. Either it disconnects or show there in no internet connection on the network that I'm connected to. This thing also led to a lot of frustration for me.

This phone was so hyped up and honestly it's such a disappointment! :(
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