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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 8 November 2020
Managed to assemble the product myself (one man army) without breaking the glasses in 3hrs and 21 minutes.
Holes were not drilled to connect the four back pieces which had four small holes and instead of four pieces, I wished there was just one piece, which would have been a lot easier to install. After the installation, I did realise the quality of the wood was not strong and it shook sideways when you push it from any side.
In case of the cabinet, the doors were of two different sizes. One was a little smaller than the other.
Worst of all was the glass. Though I can move the glass sideways, if I push the glass upward, it comes off the rails.
Thus, I won't recommend this product in houses where there are children as it might be dangerous.
Let's see how things go with the product and I will write my review again in future.
In regards to the value for money, the product is worth the low price. You get what you pay for.
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