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Reviewed in India on 27 December 2020
I've been using this phone for 4days now.I will share my review with pros and cons:
1.It feel like a cheap phone idk why,there are some phones in this price segment "looks" premium.
2.No LED notification,a major missing.
3.Rear Camera is not that good in default,but when we changed to 48MP it looks "kinda" good.It seems like good in this price segment.
4.Its little bit getting Hot while charging and I feel some Hottnes while taking photos(maybe coz of outside temperature)
5.It takes quite a bit to get fully charged,yah the battery is 6000 but its fast charging with 18W. much pre installed apps(we can uninstall it) and also like previously,we have to go through each app to disable "Recommendations"

1.Very light weight and it doesn't feel a massive 6000 is inside
2.Front camera is Superb! good detailed pics in portrait.
3.Battery is so good.I use the phone to take a lot of pictures and use it for 1 hr swiping through Instagram,the battery doesn't notice that at all lol(its pretty good)
4.Stereo speaker does that job GOOD
5.For games,ya with a medium settings it is good for 1hr continuous gaming after that it gets little hot but there is no overheating like that issue till now.
This is all I can remember,I will try to update if I notice it afterwards.
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