Furniture Assembly Service - Medium

  • Furniture assembly by a background-verified expert at a scheduled time slot chosen by you
  • This service is funded by the seller
Price: ₹0.00

This price is applicable to the scope of work called out on the page.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in this service?

  • Assembly of the product at a preferred location in your home
  • Assembly as per the illustrative diagram provided with the product

What is not included in this service (i.e. out of scope)?

  • Cost of any additional spares or materials not provided with the product
  • Performing any additional work that is not mentioned above (e.g. any polishing or repair work on a partially damaged product)
  • If any nut, bolt, handle, hinge etc. part of the product is missing, the Installation Expert will not be able to provide it. In such case you may return/refund the product in accordance with relevant Amazon policies.
  • Moving heavy furniture to another location in or outside your home is not included in the service. Please ensure that the installation is carried out in the place where the furniture is required to be placed.
  • Drilling holes in concrete for wall-mounting is not part of the scope. Customers are required to ensure that correct holes are drilled before the assembly job.

What happens next?

  • Choose a preferred appointment slot for your service
  • Receive service expert details via email post order placement
  • Back ground verified service expert will arrive to complete your service

What are some of the safety tips to keep in mind while the service is in progress?

  • Ensure that there is an adult present at the jobsite throughout the duration of the service
  • Please verify the technician details and photo sent via technician assignment email before letting the person into your house. Allow them to perform the job only if they match
  • Keep yourself, children and pets away from the installation/repair work zone. The service might include heavy objects, sharp tools etc
  • In case of an emergency, please guide the technician to evacuate safely from the building
  • Avoid interaction with the technician after 8 PM
  • Safety is equally important for both Experts and Customers. Please respect and provide a safe work environment for the Expert to operate

What steps are being taken to ensure the service is carried out in a safe environment?

Installation will be provided by Brand-authorized service providers. All providers are expected to follow the below guidelines:
Before the service
  • Temperature check of installation executives to be conducted every day
  • Installation executive to contact customer and confirm if outside personnel are allowed and there is no one in their household and community displaying COVID-19 symptoms or quarantined
  • Check customer locality to ensure it is not in a Government defined containment zone
  • Carry out disinfection of tools used for installation service

During the service:
  • Installation executive to wear a mask and sanitize himself before and after the service
  • Installation execute to maintain a minimum distance of 6ft from the customer during the service
  • Installation executive to not seek any signature confirmation at the completion of service

What should you do if your community is not allowing any service personnel during the lockdown period?

It is advisable that you cancel the existing service order with Amazon. You can place a fresh order once your community starts allowing service personnel to your doorstep, and we will be happy to serve you.

What are the safety precautions around COVID-19 you must follow while availing a service from Amazon?

To protect yourself and the technician visiting your home, follow the government regulations such as maintaining good hygiene, and maintaining social distancing during the service visit. Some of the best practices while availing such a service are:
  • Cancel or reschedule your in-home service order if anyone in your household is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or is in quarantine.
  • Cancel or re-schedule your service if the society or building you live in does not allow a service technician
  • Maintain social distance of 6ft with technician at all times
  • Wear a face mask at the time of service being rendered
  • Cover your face while coughing or sneezing
Please do not panic if the technician wears a mask and comes to your home for service. This is part of the personal protective equipment he needs to wear for his and your safety.